Welcome to My Home-Page

Infused with art classes as a child, and my mother's insistence that I learn to sew, I must have been destined to become a fiber artist. Though new to the medium, I manage to commit many hours each week, in addition to balancing a family and a career. Needing a creative diversion from life, I started quilting 5 years ago.

My professional life has a focus toward logical, analytical, and technical problem-solving, while my art utilizes a different thought process, fueled by an unrelenting imagination. Most of my work represents a self-challenge in two or three elements of design, value or technique.

I continually experiment with many techniques, and am defining my style in several directions. My compositions reflect either the abstract or nature. By using a new technique, design, technicality or embellishment, each piece is often an "experiment". Spontaneity rules in my studio and I am very disciplined in my work structure. Alternating time spent between professional and personal challenges, those most representative of me are never planned.

I live in Phoenix (Ahwatukee), Arizona.